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Transfer Case Repair and Ring and Pinion Service

Get back on the road quickly with Metuchen Transmission. Our transmission repair shop in Edison, New Jersey, also provides transfer case repair as well as ring and pinion service.

Expert Ring & Pinion Setup

Car, Truck and High Performance Applications.

This involves setting up front and rear differentials, which involves setting up proper pinion depth and pinion preload, setting proper ring-gear backlash and ring-gear preloads. This applies to Ford front and 4x4 rear differentials, Ford 8.8, Ford Chevy & Chrysler car and truck high perfomance applications as well.
In fact, providing ring and pinion setup services is our specialty!

Transfer Case Rebuild

Metuchen Transmission is skilled at rebuilding and replacing the transfer case in your truck or all wheel drive vehicle. Our service includes replacing chains, viscous clutches, forks, bearings, and transfer case motors and actuators. We also offer transfer case servicing for 4X4s and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Electrical Transmission Diagnostics

Save money on repairs by coming to us. Before doing work on your vehicle, we perform computer diagnostics. These tests and procedures evaluate sensors and solenoids for the transmission to determine the problem areas.
Contact us in Edison, New Jersey, to request an estimate on our efficient and inexpensive transmission repairs.